Are Apple products actually more secure than other products, fact or rumour?

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Yes, Apple products are more secure than any other device this has been proven time and time again.
Apple products are so secure that FBI Director testified before US Congress that the FBI can’t hack Apple device and he requested on behalf of the FBI that Congress force Apple to create a backdoor so that the FBI and other government agencies can hack them and monitor individuals. Fortunately the United States Congress denied that request and Apple remains the only (major) company that has no back-doors of any kind.
Apple is open source, Apple apps can be open source as well if the creator chooses to make his app open source, the various Apple operating systems, all of them, are based on Apple’s open source operating system known as Darwin, which Apple gives away for free.
Also there is no such thing as an active virus on iPhone, so there is nothing to worry about.
Apple expends a great deal of effort to make its iOS (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, audioOS, etc.) secure, safe and private by implementing defenses in many layers of its core iOS, which includes but is not limited to:
Malware Removal Tool (MRT)
System Integrity Protection (SIP)
Incompatible Kernel Extensions (KEXT Exclusions)
Core Suggestions
Chinese Word List (SCIM)
Application Firewall (cannot be disabled)
pf Firewall (BSD firewall, optional)
System files are stored in a separate read-only partition (macOS Catalina onward)
Core LSKD (kdrl)
Notarization (macOS Catalina onward)
System Extensions (replacing kernel extensions) (macOS Catalina onward)
Gatekeeper now requires a User Prompt and approval for changes (ARP) (macOS Catalina onward)
Endpoint Security framework (macOS Catalina onward)
Camera access, microphone access, screen recording or keyboard input monitoring requires user consent prompt (macOS Catalina onward)
Flask Security Architecture for flexible mandatory access control

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