What are the best reasons to switch from Android Phone to iPhone?

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What are the best reasons to switch from Android Phone to iPhone?

iPhone is user friendly mobile to use: All iOS apps face no separation, and you don’t see any barriers to access.

Update the iOS at any time: If a new version of iOS is to be released , all iPhone owners can start updating their phones from the very first moment.

The best apps come first for iOS: Google Play is called Netflix Stores; its apps reach millions of downloads, but as the days pass for iOS. For example, more than two years have passed since the launch of Instagram on iOS to allow Android users to access it via Google Play.

iOS doesn’t have any unwanted apps: On Android phones, you may find many unwanted applications installed by a developer or contractor on a gadget that removing them from the phone is a real hassle. But on the iPhone, you’ll never see an app that is pre-installed by a contract operator, giving iPhone a cleaner and more stylish look.

unique synching between iOS and Mac: For example, using the Continuity feature in OS X enables you to use the MacBook for phone calls and texting.

Super cameras: The photography experience with iPhone cameras has evolved dramatically throughout the generations, and over the years, images captured with the Apple product’s camera have become more accurate in color recording as they become more eye catching.

Apple Pay: just use your Apple Pay near your electronic payment terminal to use Apple Pay, then hold your finger on the Touch ID sensor to authenticate. Your purchasing process will be completed simply.

Ability to fully control the smart home: The iPhone gives you complete control over smart electronic home appliances, from security cameras to LED lights and sophisticated thermostats.

Family Sharing: Using this feature on the iPhone, members of a 6-person family can share all apps they have purchased from AppStore, iTunes or iBooks, provided that each has a separate iTunes account.

Other Family Sharing features include photo album sharing, shared calendars, and the power to track your kids on map apps.

Best Support: When faced with a problem when working with your Android mobile, you either have to find a solution through online forums or contact your mobile manufacturer. But on the iPhone, you can access the huge database of help articles, access live chat, and even make an appointment at an Apple store by visiting the Apple website.

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