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Simply turn up at our one of iCare Apple Repair Center and we will see you without an appointment. This will include a quick chat with one of our engineers so we can get an idea of the problem you are having with your Apple device. If however you would like to speak to us before dropping off your apple device please feel to call or e-mail us before handing over your device to discuss any aspect of your repair.

Assessment charges are discussed before booking your apple device into the service department by the engineer as a diagnostic charge may apply. An engineer will assess the machine and provide you with a written quote. Diagnosis charges for assessment will apply for both accepted and rejected quotes.

Yes, we do repair all kind of macbook issue, like Macbook logicboard repair, logicboard replacement, macbook screen replacement, macbook battery replacement, MacBook keyboard replacement etc at best price.

Yes, we at iCare Apple Repair Center do repair all kind of iPhone problem, like iPhone logicboard repair, logicboard replacement, iPhone Screen Replacement, iPhone battery replacement, iPhone Camera Replacement, iPhone Speaker Repair, iPhone not turning on, iPhone software issue, iPhone not Turning On etc . Your device is in safe hand at iCare Apple Service Center, our Technician is highly experienced in Apple Device Repair. Best Apple Service Center in Patna.

Please visit our iCare Apple Repair Center Patna, first we will diagnose it and we’ll let you know what is the exact problem and the repair charge. If your apple watch screen is completely broken, then it will be replace at our apple service center. The charges of apple watch screen replacement will vary from model to model. As the screen replacement of apple watch series 1, 2, 3, 4 are different.

Please bring your iPhone at our Apple Service Center. We’ll help you to determine if it’s a hardware issue of software issue.

If it is not a hardware issue, then there are a few things you can do to preserve battery life.

One of the major battery drains issue is screen brightness.To make sure your brightness is not too high, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You should see a pop up. From here, you can turn the brightness low if it’s too high.

Yes, it can be replace at our apple service center Patna. The charges may vary from model to model.